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Monday, December 29, 2014

Hello? Are you there, Phat Games?

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings all...

If anyone is still reading this blog or wonder about Phat Games and whatever happened to us I suspect I should explain our extended 3 and a half year absence...

Well, it's like this: The entire Phat team was approached by a man in a black trench coat requesting our assistance to save the world from it's own destruction in the year 2147. In order to travel to the future though, we needed to board this crazy man's space ship and fly really close to a black hole at high speeds for a brief period of time - kind of like in the movie Interstellar. Strangely enough, this strange man's spaceship had the ability to travel faster than light through some kind of space warp technology (in order to get to a black hole), but could not actually fly close to the speed of light through general relative terms (thus sending us into the future that way) and as such we needed to go to a black hole to travel significantly forward through time. He promised us that once we helped him save the world of 2147, we would be able to return home some how. None of us questioned the fact that most physicists seem to currently think that travelling backwards through time is impossible. We just assumed they had the technology in the future and this man's spaceship was not equipped with said technology - we are Canadians - a friendly, trusting bunch!

Once we saved the world (I won't bore you with those details) we were directed to a man simply known as The Doctor. The Doctor could travel through time in a 1950s telephone booth. In mere seconds we were returned to the 21st century...however to the year 2014, not to 2011. The Doctor said something about this becoming a fixed point in time now and we could not just hop back in his time machine, so we were stuck 3 years in the future. Oh well.

I won't bore you with the details of what REALLY happened in our 3 year absence but I will simply say that we are back and that Phat Professional Burglar for the Android is nearing completion. Over the next few weeks I will talk about a lot of the development effort, the woes of development, and what we have planned for the Phat Professional Burglar iPhone and Android launches. Why has it been 3 years? I will just say that life got in the way. This is not our full time job (but we would love it to be), and some times life events take us away from our dreams for a little while.

Stay tuned, there is more to come in next while. For now, enjoy these new screen shots!