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Monday, September 19, 2016

How to get skinny by eating PHAT!

Hey all!

Magic is happening!...or something!

Burgal's Bounty has made it past the first round of judging for MagFest next year! For those of you interested in going to MagFest in 2017 should check out the site. It is the first weekend of the New Year - Jan 5 to 8th. Come check it out, and hopefully you can come check Burgal's Bounty out there as well! We will be sure to let you know if make it!

But...! In the meantime we will be going to GX4, GX East, and the PlayCrafting Halloween expo. Dates are listed below.

We are currently working on the first trailer for the game. It's coming along slowly... but it's getting there! The game itself is coming along great!

The game will launch with the following:
- Over 40 Playable levels
- 4 different play modes
- 4 bosses
- Multiple collectable costumes
- Other unlockable material

Upcoming events:
GaymerX4 in Santa Clara, California from Sept 30 - Oct 2 (Tickets)
PlayCrafting in New York, NY on October 29th (Tickets)
GXEast in New York, NY from Nov 12 - Nov 13 (Tickets)

Until next time!