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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sh*t just got real

Hello everyone!

I did it again. I waited over a month to write a blog post. I am really bad at this dev blog thing. Even though I wouldn't really call this a dev blog per say as much as a way for me to give random updates on random things mostly related to the game. :) Anyway, I have some announcements for this post in case anyone wants to read them!

1. IndieCade (again)
We are resubmitting the game to the IndieCade festival. Who knows? With all the intense changes that it has undergone in the last year, it is possible our chances are better! We will keep you up to date on this one!

2. Seeking a publisher
I doubt for anyone who may read this blog, that this one will come as a surprise, but we are actively starting to seek a publisher for Burgal's Bounty. The bottom line is that launching on mobile and making money on mobile is extremely difficult. If the game goes the F2P route again, we will need some way to get users onboard, and publishers can help with that. We are also going to seek advice on whether or not we are even going to go with a F2P model again, or if we are going to switch over to a premium model. As previously announced, we are still planning our PC and Mac launches as well, so we will keep all of these things in mind while we find a publisher that wants to work with us. If any publishers read this blog, feel free to reach out to us: hello[at] We would love to hear from you.

Our next blog post will all be about music, so stay tuned for that one! Also check out our facebook and twitter regularly to see new screen shots from the game!

Until next time!