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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We suck!

Greetings blog readers...whomever you may be ;)

We suck. Not going to apologize, because I do that too often about never posting a blog update so I am going to stop. :) However, just because we have not been posting on blogs and social media the last little while does not mean we have not been making excellent progress on Burgal's Bounty! Over the last couple of months we were at Indie Cade East and at PlayCrafting's Spring expo! Both were great and tons of people played and enjoyed the game. As always we received valuable feedback and great comments about the game which we always love to hear!

So what's new?
We are getting the game ready to submit to publishers again later this summer (or early fall). The game is really starting to take shape. Story mode is playable and in a few weeks both Puzzle and Panic mode will be playable as stand alone game modes as well. Please note we have renamed Arcade mode "Panic" mode.

The boss fights are not in yet, but those will come later yet this summer. We have really beefed up the tutorial as based on the feedback from Indie Cade East and PlayCrafting it definitely needed some improvements. I am not going to make any promises, but I think we are getting close to announcing a release date for this great game!

When can you see us?
Awwww, how sweet! You actually still want to see us and hang out with us and play this awesome game! Well we are delighted to hear that. Here are our upcoming expos:
Location: New York City
Date/Time: 7/28/2016

FlameCon 2:
Location: New York City
Date/Time: 8/20/2016 - 8/21/2016

GaymerX 4:
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Date/Time: 9/30/2016 - 10/2/2016

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