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Friday, July 3, 2015

Burgal's Bounty is on - and other updates

Hey guys,

These updates are starting to get slightly depressing. This week, again without any organic growth or paid advertising our download statistics are as follows:

Total Downloads: 688
Current installs: 207
Total Ad Revenue since Go Live: $5.98
Total IAP Revenue: $0

Burgal's Bounty is now available on! Check it out!
I am going to be setting up a Phat Games page on IndieDB as well to see how much that helps!

Who would also like to see interviews with the Burgal's Bounty development team? I am planning on doing these soon, so stay tuned! These interviews will hopefully include some from the original Phat Games team members: The "Phat Phour" as I have cleverly started calling them. :-)

Here are some new features that will be coming with the new Burgal's Bounty iOS release(which will also be included in the Android version as well):
1. Improved targeted monetization.
2. All levels in the game will be free. No in app purchases to buy more.
3. An additional 11 levels for the iOS release making a total of 77 free levels.
4. Additional graphics!
5. Improved tutorials (again) to help people get into the game.

I apologize if I have repeated myself on some of those, but I am excited for the iOS release and progress is really coming along. In the next couple of weeks, the game should be entirely playable in a early state.

What are you doing on July 29th? Come join Phat Games at PlayCrafting again as we show off Burgal's Bounty on the iOS!


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