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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Burgal Update

Hello all!

I really should get updates out more regularly but writing blog posts takes a lot of effort I would rather be putting towards the game! :)

The first playable build of Burgal's Bounty is complete just in time for the holidays! Truthfully it is actually just in time for GaymerX3 which Phat Games will be showing Burgal's Bounty off at this year!

The game at the expo will have 21 playable levels with most (but not all) play features in the game. There will likely not be a formal level select or a tutorial, but I expect the awesome gamers at GaymerX will have no problem figuring out how to play! :) Phat Games will have four tablets at the expo, two iPads and two Android tablets for players to play the game on.

The finished version of Burgal's Bounty will feature the following:
1. 88 fun, addictive, and challenging puzzles, with an additional approximately 50 "hard mode" puzzles to also play!
2. Cute cartoonish graphics that look like they were drawn by your youngest child!
3. One playable character with another unlockable one!
4. A smart, undetermined, uninvasive way of monetizing!
5. Hilariously awesome cutscenes!
6. iOS, Android, PC, and Mac support!

More screen shots will be posted in the next couple of weeks with the awesome new art style and more levels!

Be sure to join us at GaymerX for your chance to play the definitive, and best possible version of Burgal's Bounty ever!

- Blair

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