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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Another Month!

Hey everyone!

Apparently I suck at updating this on more than a monthly basis. They say development blogs should be updated every week, but do you know how much freaking effort that is? :P

I do have a significant number of updates though!

Burgal's Bounty Updates
First of all, the new level selection screen functionality has been completely built, and I will get some animated gifs of how that looks out shortly. I think it is pretty nifty with all of the new paper crumple transitions. The level select screen also has additional game play elements so Burgal can collect more coins outside of the levels. It adds additional puzzles and depth to the game! Overall everything with the game is coming along really well if a little bit on the slow side :(

The first of several in engine animated cutscenes is done! It has also been published to youtube! Watch it right here! This is Burgal's Origin Story. Why is he stealing all those precious precious money bags?

Last big game related news is that Phat Games is partnering with Alyssa Menes to do the teaser trailer music for Burgal's Bounty! I first met Alyssa through PlayCrafting NYC some months ago, and when I first met her I knew I wanted to work with her at some point! You can listed to Alyssa's portfolio here and follow her on twitter here! More news on this shortly!

PlayCrafting Expo!
That's right! Phat Games will finally be back at PlayCrafting NYC's quarterly expo. Thursday, January 28th, join us at Microsoft in Times Square and see all the new great stuff in the game! Tickets are available here.

That's all for now guys! Thanks for reading and I will try and post again sooner next time!

- Blair


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