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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Phat Professional Burglar - Android and iPhone update

The iPhone port is largely done. We are just waiting on the completion of the registration of "Phat Games Inc." as a corporation before we send it to the iPhone Market place. Should be another month or so. These things are slow in Canada.

The Android port is making good strides as well. The game is running on the Android phone, loading and rendering content, but there is no user interface aspect to it yet... that's next. The only snag I really ran into when getting it to run on my phone is that GLES 1.0 requires all textures to be in powers of 2. I may have to go through and modify a lot of the content we used for the other 2 versions of the game, but this is hardly a big deal. As a tip for developers who want to develop on the Android and use OpenGL, if you don't have your textures in a power of 2 size, all you will see is a white screen on your phone. Unfortunately, Googling this problem didn't provide me an immediate answer. I had to spend some time digging around on a few forums and blogs to find the solution to this one.

Aside from Phat Professional Burglar we have 2 other games in the pipe line that we will give formal announcements about very soon.

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