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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

No Saturated or Trans PHAT!

Whoops! Did it again! Except this time we waiting 3 months to update our blog.

First of all, let me wish everyone Happy Holidays! I hope all of our fans are having a great and enjoyable holiday season.

Here is the latest on Burgal's Bounty:
1. We are going to MagFest!  Really soon!  If you are interested, you can try and still get tickets at

2. We launched the trailer, and finished another boss fight and have made some play mechanic improvements.  You can watch the trailer and footage from the new boss fight below.  Reddit told me that the boss fight is like "Showing off an open wound."  The internet is so friendly.

3. We want to launch the game this spring, but here are our plans for it:
- We are not going to launch without any chance of making some money off of it.  As a result we are looking for a publisher.  We first reached out to Noodle Cake earlier this year and they did not pick the game up...  as a result of that we ended up improving the game by adding panic mode and boss fights.  As such we are not going to firm up an exact release date until we better know how we will proceed.  I can promise this, if we are still unable to get a publisher, we will still launch it.  We will need to localize the game first though.

- We are considering making it a tablet only game on mobile.  We have not decided on this, but the small screens do make it difficult to play.

- We are still planning on an Mac and PC launch.  It will not be a direct port.  The control structure will be redone to make the game easier to play with a mouse or game pad.

Upcoming Events:
1. MagFest - January 5th to the 8th, National Harbor, MD - Tickets
2. PlayCrafting - January 26th, New York City, NY - Tickets


Until the next time!

- Blair

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