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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Phat Professional Burglar Price Drop

Good news everybody! Tonight we will be dropping the price of our game Phat Professional Burglar from $1.99 to $0.99. The full version of PPB comes packed with 50 levels adding up to 15-20 hours of play time for the average gamer, or roughly 10 cents per hour. We feel that at this price point we are giving a fair amount of value for the price. Unfortunately, the Windows Phone 7 marketplace does not scale the product prices internationally according to foreign exchange rates, which makes the game much more expensive in non-US regions.

After looking at our first week of sales data we see that about 10% of our US trial downloads have resulted in purchases which is the expected rate for a quality mobile game. When we look at the rest of our numbers we see that the conversion rate from trials to purchases is much lower. In particular we are getting a lot of trial downloads in Australia, but very few of them are turning into sales. Initially I figured that Australians were cheap, but upon further inspection I found that the game was priced at $3.00 AUD, which is actually worth more than $3.00 USD. We are seeing a similar phenomena in Europe where the game is priced at 2 Euros.

In the end we think the game is worth 2 loonies, but anything higher than that is pushing it. Pricing the game at $0.99 USD should put us right in our value range in the international regions. Cheer's Australia, enjoy!

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